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We are following government guidelines which are aimed at placing patient care and safety above all else. We are working with new safety protocols in place including PPE, temperature testing, and sanitising treatment room between patient visits.

Helle Jones, D.C,Dip.Hom

portrait Helle

Helle established Frome’s first natural health clinic with her husband, Ray, in1982, and has been practicing homeopathy for over 25 years.


We are delighted to announce that we have relocated to a new purpose built clinic in Woolverton: this provides with an isolated and safe environment, allowing minimum social contact. Full location information can be found on the contact page.


Welcome to the site of Frome’s original natural therapy clinic which was established in 1982. We started practicing on the ground floor of our house in Oakfield Road in the days when chiropractic and homeopathy was little known and very often frowned upon. Despite this, patient numbers rapidly increased, and by 1989 we outgrew our premises and moved to a purpose built clinic in Bridge Street, where we have remained for over 20 years.

Over this period of time there have been enormous changes particularly in the chiropractic profession: a Parliamentary Bill was passed, the Chiropractors Act, in 1994 which officially recognised the practice and insured that only qualified people could call themselves a chiropractor. The General Chiropractic Council was established soon after this which is finally answerable to the Privy Council.

Homeopathy is now widely used all over the world as its benefits as an effective and gentle form of therapy have become evident. Unfortunately there is still no Act of Parliament protecting the profession, but this will hopefully come about in the near future.