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What is it?:

Homeopathy is a system of treatment using naturally occurring remedies to stimulate the

body’s healing processes. The word  comes from 2 Greek words: homeo, meaning similar, and

pathos, meaning disease. It is based on 2 fundamental principles:

– the principle of “similars”:

a patient is given a substance in diluted form which would reproduce their exact symptoms in

a well person given the same but undiluted substance.

– the principle of dilution:

homeopathic remedies are so diluted that in most cases there is no trace left of the

original substance. Homeopaths believe that the substance’s code remains, and it is this that

stimulates the healing event ( this is known as potentization).

The History:

We can trace the origins back to Hippocrates (around 4,000 BC) who was the first to

emphasise the importance of considering each patient’s specific symptom pattern when

formulating a therapy programme. The founder of homeopathy was a German physician,

Samuel Hahnemann who worked in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.


Traditional homeopaths take a very detailed case history which includes information about

the complaint, as well as the patient’s lifestyle, family background, likes and dislikes etc.

Other approaches to diagnosis often, for example involve the use of equipment used in the

field of bio-energetic medicine, or computer software programmes.

Bio-Energetic Medicine:

This is the modern form of homeopathic medicine developed over the last 70 years or so in

Germany: in other words, homeopathy of the computer age.

The Vegatest computer enables us to quickly examine the way the whole body functions, to

locate areas of imbalance and to diagnose accurately. The test is done purely by placing a

probe on the skin surface, and taking readings on meters on the equipment. With a detailed

diagnosis, we can then formulate a specific treatment regime again with feedback from the

Vegatest computer. The test evaluates the function of the whole body, and, when necessary

can include a thorough allergy/sensitivity test.


Remedies are prescribed in the form of drops, and tablets taken by mouth and sometimes in

the form of lotions or creams rubbed into the skin. Most remedies are given in

specific potencies: the higher potencies are more diluted and have a stronger effect and vice-


We treat the individual, and no two people will have the same approach.We use a

combination of homeopathic remedies, dietary advice, as well as indications about

sensitivities/allergies where the patient needs to avoid certain substances (which may be

foods or exterior allergens), and finally we suggest life-style changes.

We are closed at present, but will keep you updated as to when we can reopen for patients. In the meantime, we are covering phone calls, and continue to prescribe remedies to existing patients